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I love history, it is my favorite.  In researching for posts I learned a little history about the distance of a marathon.  Everyone (or most people) has heard the story about the legendary runner from Marathon, Greece to Athens, Greece who announced the defeat of the Persian army then promptly dropped dead (he didn’t have any aid stations on the way).  But something I just learned is that the distance between Marathon and Athens is only about 25 miles, which was about the distance of a marathon (there actually was not a set distance) until the 1908 London Olympics, when it was a little more than 26 miles.  The competition at the 1908 olympics became known as the race of the century, and the distance became sentimental.

So that is your history lesson for today.  🙂


Once you have committed to run a marathon, and you have selected which marathon you are going to run.  There is a date on the calendar that is set in the future that you are about to organize your whole life around, and look forward to.  When I committed to run a marathon last December, we were in a dark time.  Mom was making only very slow improvements.  None of us were looking forward to much in the future, because we didn’t know what the future held, and were not sure we wanted to know.  Putting the marathon on the calendar felt like a step forward.  A move that I could make in a positive direction.  Something to look forward to.

Running is a healthy way to deal with emotions.  Running is therapy for free.  It is hard to stay angry, to feel hurt, to stay stressed when you are running.  There is actually a science to it.  The brain releases endorphins during exercise.  These endorphins are responsible for what runners call the “runner’s high.”  Running literally makes you happy.  🙂

Notice I didn’t say to lose weight.  I thought that would be the case, but nope.  I do feel healthy though.  I have gone from huffing and puffing through a run/walk 1 mile to easily running through 7 miles and beyond.  My last long run on Saturday in Lake Chelan felt so great!  I really felt like I could go on, if it weren’t for a sharp pain in my right knee.  Imagine that!  10 miles and I wanted to go more!

In June we were preparing for a move across the country.  I knew I would be spending hours in my van with kid movie after kid movie playing.  I decided to find some podcasts that I could play so that I would not have to listen to the Veggie Tales theme song over and over again.  I stumbled on the Marathon Training Academy.  It was also at that time that I was feeling really discouraged about my ability to actually run this marathon.  I found the MTA and just the right time.  They are so positive and informative.  By the end of the 2500 mile trip, I had not only listened to all of the available podcasts, but I had been convinced that I had what it takes to run a marathon.  I also had answers to many questions about training that I didn’t even know that I had.  If you may be considering training for any distance of run- check out



Even with the internet I love a good magazine.  There are some great and inspiring stories in Runner’s World.  These stories inspire me to move on and keep pushing for my ultimate goal.  Runners magazines are full of stories of struggle and triumph.  I can usually identify on some level with these stories and they often come into my head as I am running.  Great inspiration.

Who doesn’t like new shoes?  One of the first things you learn when you start researching training for a marathon is that shoes are absolutely important.  The right shoes can change everything for a runner.  The wrong shoes can cause incredible pain and discomfort.  Also, these shoes have a shelf life of about 500 miles.  Shoes can look fine, but be broken down inside causing more pain and discomfort.  So, it is necessary to replace running shoes before they actually seem worn out.

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