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I recently sent this email to all of those who supported my run for the MMRF through their donations.  I thought others might like to read my thoughts about my marathon experience.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my donors one more time.  The final number for money raised for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation was $2800.00!!  That is more than $100 for each mile of the marathon!  Way to go everyone!! We also learned that the total amount of money raised by the entire Chicago Marathon MMRF team was over $125,000.00!  All of this is very exciting, so glad I could be a part of this and all of you were there with me!

Before the run on Sunday we had a chance to meet others who had raised money for the MMRF.  There were some amazing stories.  Including one man who had come through his second Stem Cell transplant in March, and ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.  A doctor who was inspired to do something for his patients.  Sisters who were walking through treatments with their middle sister.  A man who was running in memory of his father in law.  A team of researchers who were running to continue the research they have been doing for Multiple Myeloma.  Many sons and daughters running to extend the lives of their mother or father.  It was a great uplifting moment to share with people who knew all too well what our family has been experiencing the last 15 months.

The marathon was an amazing experience.  I am so thankful for your support and prayers getting me through it all.  For a long time, I have said that I wanted to do something that communicated my support for my mother and her fight against Multiple Myeloma.  But it was not until the actual marathon that I realized that running a marathon would change my life and perspective on what my mother is going through.  It has been said that running a marathon mirrors what it is like to journey through cancer treatment.  At the start, you have a plan, you feel good about your plan and you have cheerleaders who have supported you and rally around you to get you started down the path.  You feel like you can conquer the world.  Nothing can stop you.  Midway through the race, you realize you still have a long way to go, but it seems so far and maybe impossible to do.  Negative thoughts, aches and pains really become the enemy and a challenge to combat mentally.  Then for the last quarter of the race,  the crowd becomes thinner.  Your closest family and friends are still there but the path becomes a little more lonely and harder.  You are left to your prayers and will to get you through.  You are so close to the end but still so far away.  The miles seem longer, fatigue has set in.  And then you finally see the finish line, and you realize that you are FINALLY about to celebrate the end of the journey.  You are a finisher, with the medal to prove it.  And now, as mom’s stem cell transplant begins, we feel like we are in those last few miles.  They are sooooo long, it is sooooo hard.  But I know that mom has the determination to be a finisher.  And we will be there at the finish line to celebrate with her.
Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement.  If all goes well, I will join another MMRF endurance challenge in the future.  For now, much needed rest!!

The MMRF is running an incentive contest this week.  I really haven’t paid attention to the couple of contests they have run in the past.  I don’t really need the incentive to raise this money.  It is incentive enough that I feel like I am making a difference, possibly in the outcome of my mother’s cancer treatments.  I can have a say in this fight.  But now that I am ahead, I feel a little excited.

Something cool about the contest is that it has highlighted a couple of stats from this past week of fundraising and if you are one of my donors you should be proud of this as well:  1)You have given a total of over $1000 in one week! 2)10 of those donations were over $50!  In the contest I am on top for both of these categories.  Not part of the contest but very exciting also is that 18 people have donated $$ to the MMRF!!  The contest ends Friday at 11:59 , so it could still change but I feel like I won already even if I don’t win the contest.  It has been a fun week and I am feeling really blessed by everyone’s support.  Thank you all!

Go Team Bauslaugh!!

This morning was crisp.  I got up early to run and was determined to get 6 miles in.  So I did.  I would say about 99% of running is mental.  So following up on the thought “I’m going to run 2 more miles than I have before” is the hardest part of running it.  Yes there is some pain, and thoughts of “I’m going to die” come frequently in those extra miles.  I have started to recognize the little devil on my shoulder telling me I can’t do it.  And when I recognize him, I look for the angel on the other side, telling me I’m amazing and I can do it.  That little angel is the voices of my friends and family who have been incredibly supportive in this crazy adventure I’ve been on.  And I am so thankful for you all!


PS- forgot to explain that I ran 6.1 miles today, a 10K is 6.2, but I ran out of pavement so I’ll take 6.1 🙂

My donation page is getting lots of traffic!  And many friends and family have helped me get closer to my fundraising goals!   I think of everyone who has donated and/or is praying for this journey as a team member.  I hope you feel like part of my team!  I’m trying to think of a way to carry everyone with me on the run….maybe a card with everyone’s name on it in my running pack.   I will definitely be blogging and communicating with everyone as we get closer and during the run.

I also want to thank everyone for sharing this page and my donation page with your friends/family who might be interested in supporting the MMRF and the research it funds.  I really feel like each dollar makes a difference.  In their 10+ years in existence, the MMRF has extended the life span of people living with Multiple Myeloma.  And with that extra time, we hope for a cure soon.

Thanks for all of your support!


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