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I was going to complain that I didn’t get the miles in that I wanted to today. But it sounds kind of lame to complain that I only ran 6.2 miles instead of my planned 9 miles. A few weeks ago I couldn’t get myself past the 3 mile mark. While I am disappointed that I didn’t run what I wanted to run today, I can see progress. Today’s 6 miles is still something to be proud of. I just have this nagging countdown to Chicago in my head- I really need to get a lot more miles under my belt!


I can’t imagine running without my iPhone.  I did it on my Alaskan cruise two weeks ago thinking I wouldn’t need distraction since there would be beautiful scenery to distract me.  I was wrong!  Though I squeezed out 2 miles I am sure I would have gone farther with my iPhone.

So what do I listen to?  Mosly Pandora stations from Superchick, Toby Mac and Thousand Foot Crutch.  All with a strong beat and always uplifting lyrics to keep me moving forward.  Sometimes I listen to the Marathon Training Academy Podcasts.  I discovered the podcast before we made the trip to move across the country.  I listened to 10 of them on our 36 hour drive.  They really motivated me just as I was starting to think I couldn’t do this.  Good stuff.

Well, I was supposed to be running by now. But this sprained ankle business has slowed me down. I’ve never sprained my ankle before so I didn’t realize it was sprained. It was not really hurting for me to work out three days a week. But because of my exercise, my ankle was not getting any better and would often be swollen by the end of the day. So I finally went to the Doctor 3 weeks after the injury. His orders were to stay off of it, wear a brace when I couldn’t and take Ibuprofin. It does feel like it is getting better, but not 100% and I am getting impatient. I had gotten up to 3 days of bootcamp and 3 days of 4o min brisk walking a week. I’m itching to get back to things but don’t want to take steps backwards and have to start over. So I sit, all day long. 😦

So after you make a decision, then tell it to a few people, it starts to sink in that you have to make it work now.  This is where I can get overwhelmed, and quick.  I could even talk myself out of it, if I tried real hard.

“Most days I don’t have time to get my own shower- how am I going to find time to run?  I can’t afford child care, to get time to run by myself.   I need to buy a bunch of stuff to run ‘cute.’  I have to give up DR Pepper!!??  You know that Christmas is coming, with all of it’s good food and Chocolate!  Just how long is one mile?  Just how long is 26.2 miles?  My knee hurts!  My back hurts!  I’ve already put my body through 3 kids, now this? ”

But the thought comes back.  All the excuses in the world, no mater how viable they are – can’t stop me from doing this.  My life will be inconvenienced.  My family will have to make sacrifices.  Does it sound familiar?  Every excuse that pops in my head gets knocked out by one thing: Mom has no choice, neither do I.  And because of that, I’ve decided to ignore the excuses.  And head in, fully to this crazy adventure.

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