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I wish I could say that the decision was well researched and thought out.  But it wasn’t.  Basically, I read the descriptions of the races on the MMRF website.  The first one that looked really attractive was California wine country in May.  How fun would it be to run through the beautiful wine country!?  Then I realized there would be a lot of hills in the wine country.  So I moved on.  Chicago was praised as a good race for beginners because it is fairly flat.  So that was a huge plus.  At first we were thinking of a half marathon.  but Chicago splits their half and full marathons and the half is in August.  I, in no way, want to run in August in Chicago.  To. Hot.  So that was out.  So we are going for the full in October.  May not be the best reason to chose a full over a half.  But that is that.  🙂


Sometimes we have no choice.

My mother has found herself in the fight for her life.  Again.  Cancer is a word I grew up with.  Mom fought and defeated cancer 30 years ago, when I was only 4 years old.  I thought that had to be the end of it.  Everyone seems to get cancer eventually.  My mom just got it early, and won her fight.  She is a 30 year survivor of Hodgkin’s Disease.  And then last July, her second fight with cancer began.  A cancer called Multiple Myeloma.  It is a scarier cancer this time, and Survivor is not a term used for MM patients.  It is treatable, but not curable.  So Mom faces a battle, she has no choice, no matter how crazy the fight may seem.

So now to me.  What can I do about this?  Not much.  I have to just sit here 2500 miles away from her and watch her take on the fight, with the assistance of my Dad, her doctors, and her medicines.  But lately, something has been stirring in me.  A challenge that I have been stuffing down for some time now.  Every time it comes up, I think, “no way!  I can’t do that.”  Then this week it hit me.  How dare I say I can’t??  Mom doesn’t have a choice, why should I have a choice?

So here it is: I feel compelled, no, lead to train and run a marathon in support of my Mom’s fight and for raising funds for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  (More on the Foundation later)  It is absolutely crazy to think that me, a 34-year-old mother of 3 who has never run a complete mile before could just decide one day to run 26.2 of them.  If you know me, you know that this is an insane idea.  And saying it out loud sounds even more nuts.

But maybe crazy is just what I need to be… If it helps to bring a cure and the word Survivor back to my Mom’s list of accomplishments, then call me crazy.

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