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I wanted to take an opportunity to brag on the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation.  If anyone out there is looking for a charity to run and raise money for, the MMRF is one of the best.  In the fundraising process there are often expenses.  Some of those expenses are purely administrative and therefore unavoidable, some are expenses that take away from the money actually raised.  Some charities rent big tents for the event, some pay for airfare and other expenses.  The MMRF is not one of these.  I feel comfortable raising money for an organization that puts 90% of the money raised to work for research for the incurable blood cancer.

If anyone feels moved to do an endurance event, running, biking, or triathlon, check out the MMRF.  It is really a worthy charity and is making a huge difference in the lives of patients living with Multiple Myeloma.


The MMRF is running an incentive contest this week.  I really haven’t paid attention to the couple of contests they have run in the past.  I don’t really need the incentive to raise this money.  It is incentive enough that I feel like I am making a difference, possibly in the outcome of my mother’s cancer treatments.  I can have a say in this fight.  But now that I am ahead, I feel a little excited.

Something cool about the contest is that it has highlighted a couple of stats from this past week of fundraising and if you are one of my donors you should be proud of this as well:  1)You have given a total of over $1000 in one week! 2)10 of those donations were over $50!  In the contest I am on top for both of these categories.  Not part of the contest but very exciting also is that 18 people have donated $$ to the MMRF!!  The contest ends Friday at 11:59 , so it could still change but I feel like I won already even if I don’t win the contest.  It has been a fun week and I am feeling really blessed by everyone’s support.  Thank you all!

Go Team Bauslaugh!!

Yay!!! I have reached over 50% of my goal for fundraising for the MMRF as of this morning! I am officially at 53%. Very exciting.


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