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The MMRF is running an incentive contest this week.  I really haven’t paid attention to the couple of contests they have run in the past.  I don’t really need the incentive to raise this money.  It is incentive enough that I feel like I am making a difference, possibly in the outcome of my mother’s cancer treatments.  I can have a say in this fight.  But now that I am ahead, I feel a little excited.

Something cool about the contest is that it has highlighted a couple of stats from this past week of fundraising and if you are one of my donors you should be proud of this as well:  1)You have given a total of over $1000 in one week! 2)10 of those donations were over $50!  In the contest I am on top for both of these categories.  Not part of the contest but very exciting also is that 18 people have donated $$ to the MMRF!!  The contest ends Friday at 11:59 , so it could still change but I feel like I won already even if I don’t win the contest.  It has been a fun week and I am feeling really blessed by everyone’s support.  Thank you all!

Go Team Bauslaugh!!


This month is Blood Cancer Awareness Month! Most have heard of Leukemia and Lymphoma, but Myeloma is still considered rare. Funny how it is rare but I keep meeting people who have been touched by this cancer.
I am proud to be running in support of the MMRF and the research they are funding. I feel strongly that every penny will be used to get us a step closer to a cure for Multiple Myeloma and hopefully, extending the days of my mother’s life.
In case you haven’t given to the MMRF through my fundraising page yet, please visit it now and donate! It doesn’t take long.


My donation page is getting lots of traffic!  And many friends and family have helped me get closer to my fundraising goals!   I think of everyone who has donated and/or is praying for this journey as a team member.  I hope you feel like part of my team!  I’m trying to think of a way to carry everyone with me on the run….maybe a card with everyone’s name on it in my running pack.   I will definitely be blogging and communicating with everyone as we get closer and during the run.

I also want to thank everyone for sharing this page and my donation page with your friends/family who might be interested in supporting the MMRF and the research it funds.  I really feel like each dollar makes a difference.  In their 10+ years in existence, the MMRF has extended the life span of people living with Multiple Myeloma.  And with that extra time, we hope for a cure soon.

Thanks for all of your support!


Fundraising page link:

I had two new experiences on this morning’s run. 1) a hypodermic needle on the side of the trail and 2) two snakes. #1 reminded me I’m not in small town Texas anymore and #2 made me feel like I was! :-). Though these snakes were not as scary as any Texas snake.




I wish I could say that the decision was well researched and thought out.  But it wasn’t.  Basically, I read the descriptions of the races on the MMRF website.  The first one that looked really attractive was California wine country in May.  How fun would it be to run through the beautiful wine country!?  Then I realized there would be a lot of hills in the wine country.  So I moved on.  Chicago was praised as a good race for beginners because it is fairly flat.  So that was a huge plus.  At first we were thinking of a half marathon.  but Chicago splits their half and full marathons and the half is in August.  I, in no way, want to run in August in Chicago.  To. Hot.  So that was out.  So we are going for the full in October.  May not be the best reason to chose a full over a half.  But that is that.  🙂


I can’t imagine running without my iPhone.  I did it on my Alaskan cruise two weeks ago thinking I wouldn’t need distraction since there would be beautiful scenery to distract me.  I was wrong!  Though I squeezed out 2 miles I am sure I would have gone farther with my iPhone.

So what do I listen to?  Mosly Pandora stations from Superchick, Toby Mac and Thousand Foot Crutch.  All with a strong beat and always uplifting lyrics to keep me moving forward.  Sometimes I listen to the Marathon Training Academy Podcasts.  I discovered the podcast before we made the trip to move across the country.  I listened to 10 of them on our 36 hour drive.  They really motivated me just as I was starting to think I couldn’t do this.  Good stuff.

If you are ready to join me in raising money for the MMRF please visit my fundraising page!


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