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I wanted to take an opportunity to brag on the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation.  If anyone out there is looking for a charity to run and raise money for, the MMRF is one of the best.  In the fundraising process there are often expenses.  Some of those expenses are purely administrative and therefore unavoidable, some are expenses that take away from the money actually raised.  Some charities rent big tents for the event, some pay for airfare and other expenses.  The MMRF is not one of these.  I feel comfortable raising money for an organization that puts 90% of the money raised to work for research for the incurable blood cancer.

If anyone feels moved to do an endurance event, running, biking, or triathlon, check out the MMRF.  It is really a worthy charity and is making a huge difference in the lives of patients living with Multiple Myeloma.


Today we really tried to stay off our feet. We took a river cruise with an architectural tour of Chicago- a great way to see the city while sitting on our kiesters. Then we has appetizers with the entire Chicago MMRF team. It was a very inspiring few hours! After that we found a pasta place for carboloading. Before heading to bed tonight we met with our aunt and cousins who are. Coming to cheer us on tomorrow. And now we try to sleep, something that we gave been assured will not happen. We have an early get up in the morning. Our next activity is all we have been working toward for the last few months. Next stop, the starting line!!






The whole reason for my run started in July 2010, when my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. This rare and incurable blood cancer changed our lives forever. I watched as my mother fought this fight for all of us, while I was helpless to do anything. Then one day in December, I saw an interview of Kathy Guisti discussing how the MMRF has extended the outcomes for Multiple Myeloma patients. At the same time, I was watching several of my friends on Facebook complete marathons. I spent a sleepless night praying and thinking about the MMRF and the endurance events they run to raise money. I struggled with the idea of 26.2 miles. It was overwhelming, but I kept coming back to the thought that mom doesn’t have a choice in her challenges, she has to face them head on. I felt strongly that 26.2 miles was the only distance that I could consider. And so then I made the commitment, and I have not looked back since. These are the things that I will keep in mind tomorrow as I face the 26.2 miles ahead of me. I can’t quit, because mom can’t quit.
So as of last night, I have raised $2,555 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. My sister has raised $2255. A number that I never could have imagined back when the idea of running to raise money was first hatched. All thanks to God for inspiring everyone to give. And I pray that the money will advance the search for a cure.

Day 2 was spent carboloading, walking, and learning.
The city has come alive with runners. You can identify them by their technical fabric clothing and comfy walking shoes. We started the day with a little walk ending at Nike Town, where we picked up the shuttle to the health and fitness expo to pick up our bibs and timing chips. The expo was fun, and we learned some things to help us through Sunday. A fun surprise was the Nike wall with every single runner’s name on it. We found our names and got a poster that matched. The names on the poster are so little that you pretty much need a magnifying glass to read them. We ended the day pretty lazily with dinner and early bedtime. Day 2 in the books.




Who knew carboloading would be so fun? We started loading up on carbs today- and for this pasta and bread loving girl- it’s heaven! Check out my plates for today. The last one was our free dinner at Lawry’s, a little heavy on the protein.




Had a great day. Mostly ran around with Lance making business contacts. Had lunch with a family friend of Lance’s. Then picked up Heidi at the airport. We dropped off the rental car (we just had it for today) and then took the train in to town. Finally we ended the night with a little carbo-loading at Lou Malnati’s.
Here are some pictures from the day. The view from our floor on the hotel is nice!




My career as a stay at home mom is not the most glamourous at times. Changing diapers and wiping boogers aren’t the most rewarding items in my job description. But wouldn’t trade this time with my kids for the world. I want to be there for them at any given moment, I do not want to miss a thing. But my daily work as their mommy is not the most inspiring. I want them to see that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I want them to know that one day, they can decide to do something that sounds crazy to the world, and then accomplish it. I want them to dream big, and experience God’s hand in making it happen. As I have, in this marathon experience.

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