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Running in general makes you think about the stuff you put in your body and how it is going to help or hinder your run. The other night, I had sort of forgotten that I was going to run at the Y after dinner and putting the girls to bed. I had eaten a heavy dinner and drank a Pepsi to go with it. I decided to run anyway. Not only was it an “uncomfortable” run, but I felt the sugar crash pretty acutely. I ran less miles than I wanted to and felt bloated and frustrated afterwords. So I am reaching for tea more often now, and leaving the Pepsi in the fridge.


The first time I saw running skirts I thought “how uncomfortable!”. Then I thought about it a little longer, and realized that they might actually be super comfortable. Last night I was running in my regular shorts an noted how uncomfortable they where. They were riding up, sticking to my legs. So today I decided I was going to check out a running skirt. Not only are they cute, but they are incredibly comfortable. I am excited to try them out on my long run this weekend.

Running through pain and adversity really shows you what you’ve got. You have to dig deep. In training, adversity comes in the form of my schedule, pain and injury, and weather.On race day, the adversity is the miles between me and the finish line. Conquering these things helps me feel like I can overcome any adversity I encounter.

It feels good to say “I’m training for a marathon.”  Yes, it feels overwhelming at times too, but it is hard to feel bad about yourself when you know you are taking steps every week to increase miles and run easier.  Overcoming obstacles in my training has given me more and more confidence.  The last step is to finish the race, and while I am nervous thinking about it, I feel confident that I will finish.  Hopefully I can finish the run BEFORE they close the course down.  🙂

Notice I didn’t say to lose weight.  I thought that would be the case, but nope.  I do feel healthy though.  I have gone from huffing and puffing through a run/walk 1 mile to easily running through 7 miles and beyond.  My last long run on Saturday in Lake Chelan felt so great!  I really felt like I could go on, if it weren’t for a sharp pain in my right knee.  Imagine that!  10 miles and I wanted to go more!

In June we were preparing for a move across the country.  I knew I would be spending hours in my van with kid movie after kid movie playing.  I decided to find some podcasts that I could play so that I would not have to listen to the Veggie Tales theme song over and over again.  I stumbled on the Marathon Training Academy.  It was also at that time that I was feeling really discouraged about my ability to actually run this marathon.  I found the MTA and just the right time.  They are so positive and informative.  By the end of the 2500 mile trip, I had not only listened to all of the available podcasts, but I had been convinced that I had what it takes to run a marathon.  I also had answers to many questions about training that I didn’t even know that I had.  If you may be considering training for any distance of run- check out



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