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I was going to complain that I didn’t get the miles in that I wanted to today. But it sounds kind of lame to complain that I only ran 6.2 miles instead of my planned 9 miles. A few weeks ago I couldn’t get myself past the 3 mile mark. While I am disappointed that I didn’t run what I wanted to run today, I can see progress. Today’s 6 miles is still something to be proud of. I just have this nagging countdown to Chicago in my head- I really need to get a lot more miles under my belt!


🙂 Like this quote!! ‎”We all know that if you run, you are pretty much choosing a life of success because of it.” Deena Kastor (marathon record holder and Olympian).

Last weekend I ran my first official race. I’m glad I had the opportunity to run my first 10K close to home. I am also glad to have just had the opportunity to experience, albeit on a smaller scale, running a competitive race.

First, I learned that I have to ditch the iPhone. I thought it would be handy to have my music and time/distance keeper all in one place. But not really. Trying to get the thing in and out of my fanny pack was a hassle – I didn’t even bother. So I didn’t keep track of my pace the entire race – I never even started it. I did have the music though- which was a useful distraction, but it leads me to my next lesson.

Second, I have horrible ear buds. When I started running I went out and bought ear buds that said “sport” on them thinking that would mean they would be good for sports… wrong! They were also the cheapest ones available. So I spent the entire time pushing them back on my head, annoying!

Third, not everyone knows running etiquette. While I have been reading Runner’s World articles about the rules of the road, others must have been reading the national enquirer instead. There was a bit of trail hogging and some near collisions on the course. I know this won’t be a problem at the marathon, but I found it interesting that some common courtesy went out the window. A nice “on the left” would suffice when passing someone on the left. Just sayin.

Fourth, I got a little burst of energy at the end. A “kick” of sorts. I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest as I got a little extra adrenaline for that last length of the course. I was even passing people! That was fun.

Fifth, Even though I thought it didn’t matter to me, I did care about my finishing time and place. I have to say I was a little disappointed that I finished in the back third of the racers. Granted, I didn’t have a way to keep track of my pace (lesson #1) and I really wasn’t trying to break any PR or anything (this was my FIRST race).

These lessons taken to heart, I can do something about most of them. I am thinking about getting a Garmin watch and maybe an iPod nano. Less to mess with and easier access. Though I don’t know how I will feel about having something on my wrist collecting sweat. I’m also looking for the best running ear buds. No more 10$ buds for me! And as for the time thing, I have a PR now, something to work with. These little lessons from my first race made every inch of that 6.2 miles worth it. And best of all, I have my first bib for my new collection of race bibs. 🙂



After my long run on Saturday I came home to my older two girl being very excited about running. So I registered them to run the kids 1k at the race I am running in this weekend. When I told the girls they get to run like mommy- they promptly asked if we could go buy them some running clothes. Maybe that is the only reason they wanted to run in the first place!!

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On my recent long run I was struck by how many women were running.  It was interesting to me how I found each of these women inspiring as well.  The young lady who was running with a knee brace.  The younger girl who looked to be just starting out on her running journey.  The older women who smoked me.  And even the heavy set woman out on a brisk walk with her dog.  Each of those ladies gave me a little extra to go on during my run.  And something else that didn’t go unnoticed – I saw only 3 men and only one of those men was running.  🙂  So I am going to run like a girl.

This morning was crisp.  I got up early to run and was determined to get 6 miles in.  So I did.  I would say about 99% of running is mental.  So following up on the thought “I’m going to run 2 more miles than I have before” is the hardest part of running it.  Yes there is some pain, and thoughts of “I’m going to die” come frequently in those extra miles.  I have started to recognize the little devil on my shoulder telling me I can’t do it.  And when I recognize him, I look for the angel on the other side, telling me I’m amazing and I can do it.  That little angel is the voices of my friends and family who have been incredibly supportive in this crazy adventure I’ve been on.  And I am so thankful for you all!


PS- forgot to explain that I ran 6.1 miles today, a 10K is 6.2, but I ran out of pavement so I’ll take 6.1 🙂

I am generally not a fan of running on a track.  I get bored way too easily.  Also, I find it hard to keep track of my laps.  That being said, I wanted to run yesterday and didn’t get a minute to do it until 9pm!   9pm is not the safest time of the day to be running, so I trucked off to the Y to run the inside track.  Although I did get a little lost on my laps, I found it a lot easier that I had imagined.  I was also the only one on the track for most of my run, which was peaceful.  I actually got 4 miles of pure running in!  I had a goal of 5 but they started announcing closing so I had to cool down and get off.  But I was pleasantly surprised and will try it again, soon.  🙂


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