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I have been feeling helpless the last several months, since learning of my Mom’s illness.  Though I strongly believe in the power of prayer, and I have been on my knees every day since her diagnosis, I felt like my help was limited to this and knitting a hat to help her through chemo (of which I am only 1/4 th of the way done and she only has one major Chemo left).  I watch from 2500 miles away, helpless to even be of any physical help to either Mom or Dad.  I wanted to do something that would maybe be of real help, maybe even extend the years that we have left with Mom.

But a since her diagnosis, I learned of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and their efforts to spur on research on this rare form of cancer.  The Foundation has made a huge difference in it’s 10 years of existence.  MMRF was founded by a woman (and her twin sister) who was diagnosed at a very young age with MM, through the efforts of the foundation, she has prolonged her own life as well as countless others.  I have found the MMRF to be more than a foundation raising money for “hope.”  It is a foundation making a true difference in the amount of research done regarding MM, and therefore, bringing about more results in the fight against this cancer.  I could go on for a while, but I think the best thing is to post this video from the Today show last week.  This interview with MMRF founder, Kathy Giusti, inspired me to help the foundation work toward a cure.

I tried to embed a video but the best I could do is this link- so check it out.  The video is very inspiring and gives me hope for finding a cure to this awful disease.

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Great story that I found on Runners World this morning… again, more great inspiration for getting started.


I’m not wild about this blog’s appearance but I am new to WordPress, so bear with me.  Hopefully I can get it looking “cooler” soon.  🙂  I have added my twitter feed, though it is also lacking in coolness, so if you are on twitter, please follow me there too!

Haven’t done much on the running front lately.  I have lots of excuses.  Mostly aches and pains and very cold temps.  All, not good enough.   But I have found a jogging stroller!  And once I pick it up from my sweet friend who is giving me her stroller, I will actually feel like I have accomplished something!  In the next couple of weeks I need to actually get my tail into a shoe store and get some good running shoes.  My sister has shown me up and already gotten her running shoes—so I better get moving.  To be totally honest, my delay has more to do with money than I would like to admit…but it’s the truth so there.  I plan to put it in the budget in the next paycheck so we should be good to go by the beginning of February.

Some very exciting news not related to running, but related to the reason for my run is that my Mom received the news that her Multiple Myeloma is in remission.  This is fabulous news!  For those of you familiar with the term remission, it is usually reserved for those who are clean of cancer for 5 years or more…this cancer is different.  It will come back so remission is referred to for the time in between episodes.  We are praying HARD that this will stay away for a long time.  Every year gives us more research and a better chance that this cancer will be curable by the next time she has it….In Jesus name amen!  But today we are celebrating her recovery and praying for the next few weeks as Mom will be going through one last MEGA chemo where she will stay at the hospital and possibly lose her hair (which until now hasn’t happened).  Then they will extract healthy cells to do a future transplant, when needed.  All prayer is cherished and welcome!

Mom’s recovery has everything to do with the MMRF and the research they have encouraged and developed.  This is why I am choosing to run and raise money for them in 2011.  Stay tuned.  🙂


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I just wanted to make clear that my choice to run a marathon is NOT a New Year’s Resolution.  Because those are made to be broken.  At least in my experience.  So instead, it is a goal.  A goal is specific, time targeted, and measurable.  So here is my goal statement:  I will train for and run the Chicago Marathon (October 9, 2011) in an effort to raise at least $4,000.00 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  I also think that a goal is something you have to be passionate about.  If I don’t feel passionate about it, I’m not going to do it.  And honestly, I’m not going to do it if it is just because someone else thinks its a good idea.  It has to be for me (as selfish as that sounds).  What do I get out of it?  The idea that I am not taking my mom’s cancer laying down and that the money I raise may actually make a difference in the treatment of her cancer.  I’m having my say, taking my fight right to the source.

I think that fits the definition of a goal now to break it down.

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